Helping the rural african escape extreame poverty by returning to permaculture basics,which will enhance sustanble development

IMG_2672.JPGMy name is Yongo Otieno wycliffe 23 years old and i live in Kenya,Africa. my project is called S.H.A.RE peace permaculture (Sustainable Housing Agriculture Reaching Everyone)
S.H.A.R.E was invented out of passion to educate and empower many people and also improve the sustainability of livelihood for this generation and those to come.especially
hope to help the people who are located in rural areas.
I completed my permaculture design course at Oregon state university .I enjoy volunteering my time to help with all kind of gardening and farming work on different farms in Kenya.I have been teaching permaculture free of charge to the rural people and no job is too big or small for me.
I am fascinated  by nature and sustainable farming practices especially with permaculture and ecovillages IMG_2939.JPGAm really excited to learn new techniques because my vision is to travel learn and bring back the knowledge and ideas with me to share with others at our demonstration center  which act  as educational center a model of peace which restore the communities dreams of nature abundance and hospitality where people from different community come together share abundance in mixed cultures with war among themselves  by educating and empowering and  many people about this ethical revolutionary of sustainable living.we can work together as communities to provide an abundance of  food ,low or zero energy housing ,general cleaning and waste management.Increasing knowledge in the  area of sustainable living will improve the lives of younger generation.IMG_2997.JPGOUR ACHIEVEMENTS
SHARE has a small piece of land 50 meters by 100 meters but we really need much more land to dedicate to the community. This land will bring the people together and will help our communities grow. We will grow organic non-GMO permaculture food utilizing cultural techniques, thus preserving and reinforcing the cultural aspects of the communities with which we are working. With your support, SHARE can continue to grow and provide self-sufficiency to many communities, and help regenerate the land.
The cycle of poverty can be broken, and critical resources as well as housing will give communities, the economic stability necessary to emerge as an asset to the people and government
We have spread permaculture teaching to children and rural communities
we have planted trees with children and women in nearby villages12115936_1683651095179801_3881885500690644106_n.jpgWe have also constructed a small guest which we want to provide free accommodation to anyone to volunteer and stay with us
working with individuals and communities by empowering them.especially we want to improve the lives of the rural African.This will will give them knowledge and resources needed to escape extreme poverty.As the knowledge spreads thought our area,every community involved will see positive outcome.They will be able producers who produce their own food rather than consumers who produce nothing but waste and other supplies.S.H.A.R.E aims to do this by returning to sustainable living basics  .